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At Wildwood Farm we are dedicated to the health and comfort of  all the living things on our farm.  We have a holistic, integrated approach that emphasizes sustainable practices and prosperous living.    We are located on 30 acres in Meadowlakes, Alaska.  Our land is a mix of conifer and hardwood forest, rich wetland, and green fields for horses and chickens.  Our gardens and orchard are 100% organic.  Wild herbs are gathered in small quantities from clean ,wild forests.


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Used Tack and Books for Sale

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Off Pittman Road: 70 foot mobile home: 3 Bedroom 1 1/2 bath on five acres.  $950 per month.  We pay for snow and trash removal.

Pets on approval.  References required and checked.
Mobile homer in woods

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Here's an Alaskan site wth  ducks, quail, and chicks for sale
Alaskan Hen House
My kids and my money go here.
Great information and photos about all kinds of poultry
I got some graphics for my site from this site.  Thanks!

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