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hen with chicks

We raise a variety of pure and hybrid chickens with an emphasis on health and productivity.  In the early spring, starting in March we offer various pure and mixed fertile hatching eggs for sale.  At the end of March we have chicks for sale.  We do ship fertile eggs, but live animals are for pickup only.

Price List:
Hatched on our farm

Type of Chicken

Price per  egg

Price per dozen eggs

Price per chick (at one day old)


Banty D'Uccles: Porcelain and Millie Fleur




eggs: now
chicks: 3/23/07

Wildwood Blues: (blue laced red X solid blue)*: lay dark brown eggs




eggs: now
chicks: 3/23/07

Easter Eggers (Blue laced red X americauna): lay various shades of green or brown




eggs: now
chicks: 3/23/07

*Wildwood Blues are a hybrid chicken.  The sire  is a cross between a Blue laced red wyandotte and a barnvelder.  (See photo below) The damns are a  cross between a blue laced red wyandotte and a marans.  The result is a big, hardy bird that lays dark brown eggs.  Expect a colorful variety of birds including blue laced red and solid  blues.  The combs may be either single or rose.

Shipping:  We will ship eggs, but not chicks.  Due to factors beyond our control we cannot guarantee hatch rates of eggs.  Expect better hatchability on eggs that are picked up than those that are shipped.
Shipping price: $10 per dozen for priority mails.

We also order a variety of pure bred chickens to be shipped up from outside.  For safe shipping and economic pricing  we have to order more birds than we need.  Here are a few that we plan on ordering.  We can special order specific breeds for ones you do not see here.  Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Breed of Chick

Price per chick


ring necked pheasant


silver penciled wyandotte straight run


white rock males (good meat birds) 3/24/07


laced rooster
This is "Rooster boy", who is a cross between a blue laced red wyandotte and a welsummer.  He has beautiful blue lacing on his breast, legs, and wing bows.  His sire was gentle and caring for his hens, unfortunately to his undoing as he was killed by a loose dog.  His damn was an excellent layer of dark brown eggs.
Rooster boy is also quite gentle.
His station is normally more horinzontal, but he puffed himself up for the picture.

blue chicken
Blue americauna
Blue laced red wyandotte
This pullet is a cross between a blue laced red wyandotte rooster and a marans hen.  She lays dark brown eggs.
This pullet is a blue americauna.  She shows  nice breed characteristics including beard and muff and lays green eggs.
This hen is a blue laced red wyandtotte.  The picture does not do justice to her deep red ground color and sky blue lacing.

flock of chickens


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