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Compost Tea, Compost Starter, Vermicompost and Worms

compost brewer
We use a homemade brewer in our mudroom to brew our tea.  The tea is filtered so that it may be run through a sprayer.

2 gallon tea: $20 (local pickup only)
2 gallon fungal dominated tea: $25
(local pickup only)
Compost tea starter: $5 per 5 cups (shipping available)

In the winter we use vermicompost to make our tea so that we can have compost tea year round.
We have a limited supply of red wiggler (Eisenia foetida) worms for sale at $30 per pound post paid.

Have your lawn aerated and compost tea sprayed for an organic rejuvenation.  Price for most lawns in the Palmer through Big Lake area is $100.


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These are the results of a soil analysis done on last year's compost by the cooperative extension service.

Pamela Compton
LR Program Asst
Copper River/Mat-Su District
809 S. Chugach, Suite 2
Palmer,  AK  99645
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November 6, 2006
To: Susan Dent
Compost Results

 Not all nutrients in compost are available to plants in the first growing season after application.  Compost tends to release the nutrients slowly.  An estimate for Alaska conditions is that approximately 35% of the N, 65% of the P, and 90% of the K will be available the first year.

The main advantage is the improvement in soil structure when using compost.

  • The compost in this analysis is equivalent to a 1.-0.43-0.42 fertilizer on a “moisture free” basis.
  • As a substitute for fertilizer this compost , at 10 lb per 100 sq ft (on a “wet” basis) will supply;  0.15 lb nitrogen (N), 0.038 lb phosphorus (P), and 0.037 lb potassium (K).  These are the total amounts of nutrients
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