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Wildwood herbs are fresh, organic and effective. 
Dr. Dent is a licensed veterinarian who has combined her medical training with her gardening experience, her knowledge of wood lore and the scientific method to gather and create  various herbal preparations.  All of the ingredients are either grown organically on our farm or gathered using sustainable practices from Alaska's pristine wilderness.  Dr. Dent first tests her preparations on herself, before using them on pets or anyone else. 

Natural herbs, like any medication, have the potential for unwanted side effects.  When taking an herb for the first time always start with a small amount to check for allergies.  Herbs are not meant as a substitute for traditional western medicine but rather as another tool for manitaining health. 

Dr. Dent will continue to add more herbs as she tests them for safety and effectiveness.  Please contact her if you have a special request for items not currently available.

Product description

Cost (does not include shipping)

Quckstop: Shepherds purse tincture for stopping bleeding.  Do not use on deep or infected wounds.

$10 for a  2 oz cobalt blue dropper bottle

Balm of Gilead:  cottonwood bud in an organic lard base with vitamin E oil added.  Has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.  The best ointment you will ever use!  It is absorbed quickly for instant effects.

$10 for 2 oz. jar

Alaskan Ginseng: dried root used as a general health tonic

$20 per ounce

Dr. Dent’s Horse Liniment: a cooling brace that tightens tissue and toughens skins  Ideal for taking the heat out of legs and the treatment of early saddle sores.

$10 for 8 oz aluminum spray bottle

Willow Bark Tincture:  is similar to aspirin but with fewer side effects.  Do not use this product if you are intolerant to aspirin or alcohol.

$10 for a  2 oz cobalt blue dropper bottle

Willow Bark Vinegar Tincture: for individuals who cannot tolerate alcohol.  Special order only.  Allow 2 weeks for preparation.

$20 for a  2 oz cobalt blue dropper bottle


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