Wildwood Farm

Horse Back Riding

Trail riding lessons: $35 per lesson.  Lessons generally run around 1 1/2 hours including tacking up and cooling down.  We emphasize safety and comfort for horse and rider.
Buy 4 get 1 free:  Pay up front for 4 lessons and get the 5th lesson free.

Clinics:We will be hosting two clinics in 2007 on training horse and rider for competitive trail riding.  Topics will include: tack, check in, lunging, stand for mount, leap frogging, side pass, gates, bridges, and backing.  These clinics are not for untrained or dangerous horses.  Negative EIA required. Cost $75 per day.  Get $10 off by registering early.  Or  save more by registering for both days for $100!

Horse leasing: We have several plans available.

Pay per ride:  If you think you can only ride a few times per month, then you would want to pay on a ride by ride basis.  Cost is $30 per ride if you  need some help tacking up and controlling your horse.  Independent riders can ride for $25 per ride.  Lessons are $35 per ride.
Monthly rate:  $150 lets you ride all you want!
Buy 4 get 1 free:  Pay up front for 4 rides and get the 5th ride free.

The Trainers

woman in cowboy hat
Susan has been riding in competitive trail rides for over 15 years and has amassed multiple wins in class, devision and sweepstakes.  She is a licensed veterinarian and a high school science teacher.  She is eager to share her love of horses and riding.  She understands the enormous physical and emotional benefits that come from horseback riding and believes the world would be a better place if more people rode horses.
Coleen with Jazzy
Colleen has been riding since before she could walk.  She began competing in 4-H when she was nine and won her first Novice Competitive trail ride beating over 20 adults when she was 10 years old.  During the school year she  plays polo with the Oregon State University team where she is majoring in equine science. She comes home in the summer to Alaska.  She is a patient and gentle teacher.

The Horses

Ms. Frangelica: 1983 Arabian Mare
Missy has won numerous first places class, division and sweepstakes finishes in competitive trail riding.  She has gone on many pack and hunting trips and has packed out moose and caribou.  Though she is getting up in years, she is still eager to go riding and has lots of go in her.
Jasmines Magic: 1994 Half Arab Mare
Jazzy is a 16 year old registered half Arabian mare.  She is three quarters Arabian and one quarter Quarter Horse.  Before we bought her, she won halter competitions and since then has competed in numerous competitive trail rides.  She was the surprise present for Colleen's 12th birthday, and Colleen has loved her ever since.
Reba Royal Lady: 1996 Quarter Horse Mare
Reba is a favorite ride because of her smooth trot and easy going nature.. She is bred to TTC oh what a night and we are anxiously awaiting  the arrival of the foal in June 2007
drinking horse
Wildwood Royal Twist: 2002 Quarter Horse Mare
Cheval is the daughter of Reba and has won our hearts.  Gentle, willing and quick to learn we are excited about her prospects.  In 2006 she earned a 3rd place novice  finish at the Fairbanks trial ride and the next weekend we moved her up to competitive pleasure class where she won 1st place and high point quarter horse over all.  She inherited Reba's smooth gaits.   Her rider can drink out of an open water bottle at a full trot without spilling a drop.


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