Bridget Sullivan

Music is something that has been with me my entire life. Singing is something I started doing before I could even talk. As a child, I would keep myself entertained by belting out country songs. At the age of 15, I began singing the national anthem at local events such as Anchorage Aces and UAA hockey games, Thursday Night at the Fights, and Anchorage Bucs baseball games. It is something I still continue to enjoy today.  In high school, I was able to gain stage experience participating in plays and singing in my school choir. Choir was something that deepened my passion for music and singing.  I also participated in my high school talent shows, and won my senior year singing Fever, which still continues to be one of my favorite songs to perform.

          After graduating high school, I decided to take my musical education to the next level and pursue a degree in music education at the University of Alaska.  As a music major, I've been able to expand not only my tastes in music, but my understanding of it as well.

          When I was given the chance last year to sing with Midnight Starlight, I realized it was an opportunity that doesnít come along every day.  Singing with Midnight Starlight has so far been a wonderful experience that has allowed me to grow as a performer. Iíve learned so much, and also have a newfound obsession with jazz music.

          Music is a language that everyone speaks. No matter what your age, race or gender, it has the ability to touch us all. As a singer, I love the fact that I can convey this message to al types of people. Itís something that I hope to continue doing for the
rest of my life.