Elizabeth Santoro

In High School when I was a freshman, the orchestra director asked me if I would like to play the double bass in the orchestra. I had always loved the sound and ‘feel of a bass and could always hear the bass lines floating around in the music. The rest of high school and through college I continued playing in an orchestra.

For 30 years my husband and I lived on Kodiak Island, Alaska. We retired from the Kodiak Island Borough School District, he as and administrator and I as a teacher. While living there I enjoyed playing with a chamber ensemble, 20 or more pit orchestras for the spring musicals, a little Celtic band and a Balalaika band playing the domra, a Russian instrument somewhat like a mandolin.

When our children were grown and I retired from teaching, playing jazz was like a craving. The great tunes of the jazz genre done with such creativeness and feeling are exciting, stimulating and relaxing all at once.  Listening to improvisations on beautiful melodies,  chords and rhythms to me is ear candy. A retired friend who plays quality jazz piano tutored me, starting by writing out bass parts using his keyboard and computer. We played in a combo for a few years before my husband and I moved to Anchorage last year. Within months I was fortunate enough to meet Tom through a mutual friend. Tom invited me to play with him and we have been having a wonderful time playing and expanding our repertoire ever since.