We are pleased to announce  that we have been invited to participate in this fun and worthwhile event. Stay tuned for more details  

Mark Teckenbrock
       Box 3494
       Seward, Ak 99664

Dear Alaskan Musicians,

 Port City Players here in Seward is proud to present the 2004 Seward Music and Arts Festival this summer!  This year’s activities will include mainly local artists, vendors, and more, plus local and out-of-town music and performing acts.  Thanks to the ARR: Railroad Dock Terminal we will be hosting the festivities in the warehouse on the 18th and 19th of September.
 The performances will begin the night of Friday the 17th at Resurrect Art Coffeehouse with an open mic jam session.  We would also like to have other organized jam sessions throughout the weekend.  We are hoping to gain enough interest in music workshops to offer them to the general public.  If you or your group would be interested in donating your time in that way, please fill out that portion on the application sheet.  The doors of the event will open in the morning and we hope to have performances well into the evening both days.
 PCP will be putting all proceeds from this event toward the Band and Choir Booster Program.  Due to budget cuts we no longer have a music program funded by the state, and we are trying to raise awareness and funding through this event.  Insofar, we ask that performers play on a benefit basis.  PCP will make every attempt to provide free lodging and meals for performers during their stay in Seward, so as to compensate for playing a free gig.
 This festival will hopefully encompass as wide of a range of styles as possible.  And we encourage as many different groups to apply as possible.  If you can send demos or other promo material I would be very appreciative.  If you have any questions feel free to call at the number above or my personal phone 907.362.1397.  Thank you for your time.