Cornelis Frederik & Cecilia Marianne

Knuppel Family
Rembang, Java, Dutch East Indies

Posted on Friday, December 31, 1999
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Cornelis Frederik Wijnand Knuppel
born: 19 Feb 1849  Rembang, Java
died: 1 Aug 1907 Rembang, Java
married:  29 Apr 1873  Rembang, Java
to: Cecilia Marianne Warnars
born:  29 Apr 1853  Rembang, Java
died: 5 Dec 1928 Rembang, Java
12 children
Joseph Anthonie (1874),  Mariane Victorine (1875), 
    Emile Theodorus (1876), Francois Wijnand (1877), 
Eduard Eugene (1880), Louis (1882), Suze Florence (1883), 
Josephine Hermine (1885), Leendert Frederik (1887), 
Willy (1889),  Johny (1894), &
Caroline Eveline (1897)


Louis Otto Varkevisser 

Marianne Knuppel

circa 1894

4 - Cecilia Marianne Knuppel-Warnars - mom

5 - Cornelis Frederik Wijnand Knuppel - dad

6 - Marianne Knuppel - future  bride

7 - Louis Otto Varkevisser - future groom

1-3-8 brothers Knuppel

2 - Joseph Anthonie Knuppel-oldest son

9 - Mina Diederiksz-Knuppel (aunt) or 
     Cato C. Warnars-Krijgsman (grandmother)



















This is the reconstruction effort, working papers, on the Knuppel Family of Rembang, North-Central Java area.  
PLEASE contact me with corrections, additions, or any tidbit of information which will help me complete this project.  THANKS !
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I.  Christiaan Knuppel, captain of the schooner, Jonge Nicolaas, possibly born in Amsterdam 1783; wife unknown at this time; possibly died in Rembang on 7 Jan 1841.
Java census showed a Christiaan Knuppel in country by 1813. Father of one child, found so far, Anthonij [note 1]
There is a possible second son, Christiaan Heyer Knuppel.  Christiaan Heyer Knuppel is listed in the Regerings Almanakken, Knuppel family items below.

There is a Christiaan Albertus Knuppel, son of Christiaan Ernst Knuppel & Maria van Blokland, baptized 14 Jan 1784, Het Haantje RK church, Amsterdam;
bron 352, page 76, folio 38v #2

Information on the Jonge Nicolaas: 60 ton schooner, owned by C. Fleyer [2]. Christiaan Knuppel was also the captain of the Maria Louisa sailing out of Batavia in 1814 [note 2]

I.1. Anthonij married Hendrina Daneira (Daniera) Hornung, born in Rembang end of 1816, beginning of 1817, died in Rembang 19 Sep 1896, married in Rembang 16 Dec 1835. 
They had two known children:  Cornelius Frederik Wijnand and Augustina Hermine "Mina."  Cornelius F.W. Knuppel married Cecilia Marianne Warnars (I.1.2) and
Mina Knuppel married Johannes Jacobus 'Koos' Diederiksz, (I.1.1).  click here for more on the Hornung family.  

Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant
& Het Vaderland 11 Jan 1929  Overleden: C. M. Knuppel-Warnars v., Rembang

There is a possible 3rd child, Wilhelmus Hermanus Anthonie Knuppel, however, the newspaper announcement with Hendrina Dianira Knuppel-Hornung's memoriam only listed the two children and their spouses. Other notes also indicating only two children strongly infers that Wilhelmus Hermanus Antonie is not the son of Antonij Knuppel and may be the son of Christiaan Heyer Knuppel.  Wilhelmus Hermanus Antonie Knuppel married Anna Sophia Swinge, (I.2).  

 De Locomotief, 23 September 1896.  [De Indische Navorscher, jaargang 16, nr 4, page 154]


Heden overleed zacht en kalm onze geliefde moeder Hendrina Dianira Knuppel, geboren Hornung in den ouderdom van 79 jaren, 
diep betreurd door hare kinderen, behuwd en kleinkinderen.

A.H. Diederiksz Winkelhaagen - Knuppel      
J. J. Diederiksz Winkelhaagen  
G.F.W. Knuppel
M.G. Knuppel - Warnars 
Rembang, 19 September 1896.
[Augustina Hermine, daughter of Hendrina Dianira]
[Johannes Jacobus, husband of Augustina Hermine] 
[Cornelis Frederik Wijnand, son of Hendrina Dianira] 
[Cecilia Marianna, wife of Cornelis Frederik Wijnand]

I.1.1.   Augustina Hermine "Mina" Knuppel, born in Rembang, 25 Mar 1848; died in Ambarwara 3 Jun 1902, married in Rembang 26 Nov 1870
to Johannes Jacobus 'Koos' Diederiksz (born in Rembang 25 Mar 1848, died in Ambawara 3 Jun 1902). Koos was the son of Johan Herman Diederiksz
and Johanna Winckelhaagen.  Mina's occupation is listed as 'modiste.'  [note 1]

I.1.2Cornelis Frederik Wijnand (Wijnand) Knuppel, son of Anthonij Knuppel and Hendrina Dianera Hornung,  civil servant, born in Rembang 19 Feb 1849; when he died is still unknown; married in Rembang 29 Apr 1873 to Cecilia Marianna Warnars, school teacher.  Cecilia Marianna, daughter of Joseph Christian Warnars and Cato Carolina Krijgsman, born in Rembang 29 Apr 1853, when she died is still unknown.  They had 12 children [note 3].   Click here for link to WARNARS family.

I.1.2.1. Joseph Anthonie Knuppel, born in Rembang 9 Feb 1874 Rembang; (grave site lists birth as born 9 Apr 1873 Rembang) died Madioen, 24 Nov 1929,
believed remained unmarried. 

Marianne Victorine and Louis Otto Varkevisser, circa 1894-1906

I.1.2.2. Marianne Victorine Knuppel, born in Rembang 7 Apr 1875; died in Serang (Bantam) on 13 Jul 1906, seven days after the birth of her 8th child. 
Married to Louis Otto Varkevisser in Rembang 15 Sep 1894; They had 8 children. Louis Otto was born in Batavia 2 Mar 1873 and died in Bandung 18 Aug 1920.

I. Carolina Louisa Cecilia "Wies" Varkevisser, born in Rembang 30 Jun 1895; died Buitenzorg during WWII;
married Wilhelmus de Geus van Uye in Rembang 12 Oct 1914. 

I.  Agatha Wilhelmina de Geus van Uye (
born in 1916 in Kupang, Timor; died in 1970 in Antwerpen), married Lowey-Ball, Jacobus Johannes  
(born in Semarang 1 Aug 1913, died in Utrecht 1977)
I. Albert Lowey-Ball (b: 1942)
married x1 Hanna Chen Sadan; married x2 Joyce Johnston; married x3 Natalia Sushilov
I. Michael Adam Lowey-Ball
I. Jeremy Johnson Lowey-Ball
I. Marisa Johnson Lowey-Ball
I. Alfred Harry Lowey-Ball (
twin of Albert) married x1 Hannelore Reininger; married x2 to Maria Magda Jennes
I.  Nathalie Eva Lowey-Ball
I.  Julie Ana Lowey-Ball
I.  Richard John Lowey-Ball
I. Roy Anthony Francis Lowey-Ball 
(b: 1944) married Pamela Jean Bartholomew
I.  Lindsey Louise Lowey-Ball
I.  Brittany Agatha Lowey-Ball
I. Rudolf Willem Martinus Lowey-Ball 
(b: 1948) married to Heidi Blake
I.  ShawnaKim Blake Lowey-Ball
I.  Benton Edward Blake Lowey-Ball
I. Charles Edward Lowey-Ball

I.  Marianne Nanny Varkevisser "Nanny," born in Blora 23 Oct 1896, died in Soerabaja 20 Apr 1932.  Married in Batavia on 26 Sep 1923 to Meijers, Johannes Franciscus (born in Nijmegen 13 Jan 1893).
I.  George Meijers,
married Westenberg, Bertha 
I.  Elisabeth Henriette "Jet" Meijers,
married Wever, Jannes 
I.  Antoinette Louise Nannie "Twanny" Wever,
married Versterre
I.  Johanna Petronella Winnifred "Winneke" Wever
I.  Arend Reinier Edward Wever
I.  Henny Louisa Robertina Wever

I.  Louise N. "Loes" Meijer,
married Blankenaauw, Gerard P. 
I.  Yvonne M.W. Blankenaauw,
married Heemskerk
I.  Paul Blankenaauw,
born 1957, died 1963
I.  R. Raymond Blankenaauw
I.  Lucienne P. Blankenaauw

I.  Marianne Clara"Marian" Meijers,
married Blankenaauw, Hendrikus Johannes
I.  Wilhelmina Hubertina Nanni "Mirjam" Blankenaauw
I.  Louis Otto Johan Blankenaauw
I.  Theodoor Hendrik Blankenaauw
I.  Johan Hendrik Blankenaauw

I.  Johanna Fransisca Nanny "Joke" Meijers,
born in 1927, died in 1930
I.  Hans Otto Meijers,
married Tax, Jeanne "Sjaan" 

I.  Marie Anthonette Eveline "Rie" Varkevisser, born in Blora 26 Mar 1898, died in Clearbrook, B.C., Canada on 27 Mar 1992; 
married first to Willem Frederik Theodoor Buwalda and second time to Rous, Willem Daniel.  Click here for Memoriam .
I. Hendrik Buwalda,
born 2 Jun 1920, married Janse Johanna Geerst
I.  Willem Daniel Buwalda,
born Amsterdam 1943
I.  Peter Henki Buwalda,
born Amsterdam,
died 2010, married to Danielle
I.  Michael Buwalda,
married Sandra Rempel
I.  David Buwalda
I.  Henki Buwalda, died 2008, married Marquerita Hamm  (Note 16)
I.  Roger Buwalda,
born 1965, married to Denise Rasmus
I.  Chiquita Buwalda,
born 1967, married to Richard Brown
I.  Priscilla Buwalda,
born 1968, married to Charles Davies
I.  Gwendy Buwalda,
born 1971

I.  Annemarie Buwalda,
born Bandoeng 21 Feb 1949, died Bandoeng 4 Jan 1950.
Willem Daniel Rous
was previously married to Adeline Jacoba Henriette Snel, and had daughter Agatha Wilhelmina Rous (1928).  Before Willem's marriage to Marie Anthonette Eveline, Willem adopted his brother's (Leendert) daughters Lien and Truus.

I. Sophia Christina Varkevisser "Tine," born in Gorontalo 29 May 1899; died Den Haag 23 Dec 1992; married first time in Bandoeng, 26 Jul 1920 to Bloemen, Anthonius (born Rotterdam 5 Jan 1889); married second time in Bandoeng 15 Mar 1933 to van Nieuwkerk, Hendrik Dirk (born in Rotterdam 23 Jul 1908).

I.  Thelma Helena van Nieuwkerk,
born Den Haag 28 Dec 1936, married to B. Markle on 23 May 1959.
I.  Marina Christina van Nieuwkerk, born Den Haag 17 Jun 1938, married to I.G. Sarsanskzky on 3 Mar 1960.

I. Victoire Elza Varkevisser "Vicky," born in Pasoeroean on 14 Feb 1901, died in Voorburg 21 May 1936.  Married to van der Kwast, Hendrik Hubertus,  born 21 Oct 1895, died in Voorburg on 3 Jan 1963. 

I. Marinus Louis Wijnand Varkevisser, born in Pasoeroean on 17 May 1902 and died in Soerabaja on 5 Aug 1903.

I. Piet Varkevisser, born in Grissee (Soerabaja) on 3 Jul 1905, died in Bandoeng on 19 Apr 1941. Hij was inspecteur van politie in Djokjakarta. Married in Bandoeng on 20 Dec 1939 to  Friederike Huberlin, born in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland on 26 Apr 1908, died in Davos in Jun 1994.

I. Edmay Varkevisser, born in Serang (Bantam) on 8 Jul 1906, died in Batavia on 28 Jul 1906. 

I.1.2.3. Emile Theodorus Knuppel, born in Rembang 16 Nov 1876 Rembang; believed to have married in Blora with a Chinese lady, Lim Kiem Bik and to have a daughter.

I.1.2.4. Francois Wijnand Knuppel, birth data unknown, died in Rembang 30 Jul 1878;  believed to be unmarried.

I.1.2.5. Eduard Eugene Knuppel, b: 2 Feb 1880 Rembang; married Semarang 2 Jun 1910 to Annie Corrie Hubner.

I.1.2.6. Louis Knuppel,
birth ~ 1882, died at age 24. Seragen 26 Mar 1906 (1907/195).

I.1.2.7. Suze Florence Knuppel, born in Rembang 7 Jul 1883, died in  Den Haag 16 Nov 1968, married in Rembang 23 Feb 1906 to deLeau, Alexander Johannes (born in Soerakarta 18 May 1871, died in Bandung 14 Jan 1927). Click here for more on this de Leau family. 

I. Edward Wijnand Johannes deLeau, born Magelang 23 May 1903, died Den Haag 12 Oct 1963, married Batavia 4 Nov 1929 to Louisa Erna Corbet (born in Soerabaja 26 Mar 1903).

I. Eduard Wijnand Johannes deLeau, born in 1930.
I.  Sonja deLeau,
born in 1931, married Batavia to de Kock, Jonkheer Edy Gerard Emile (Edy) and had one son, de Kock, Jonkheer Shane Perry.  Sonja remarried to Fischer, John and had a daughter Fischer, Maya.  John Fischer adopted Shane Perry.  Click here for more on this de Kock family.
I. Shane Perry Fischer
I. Maya Fischer
I.  Christiaan Tony deLeau,
born in 1932
I.  Pierre Antoine deLeau,
born in 1934

I.  Theodorus Anthony deLeau,
born in Batavia, died in 's-Gravenhage 24 Aug 1997; married Palembang 27 Nov 1940 to Maria Johanna de Zwart.
I.  Maud Irene de Leau,
born in Pladjoe.
I.  Marja Florence de Leau,
born in 's-Gravenhage.

I. Melanie Everdina "Dee" deLeau,
born in Semarang 12 Jun 1907, died Leidschendam 5 Nov 1993, married the first time in Bandung 8 Aug 1927 to Sartorius, Francois Jean Baptiste (born in Pamekasan 28 Apr 1903); married second time in Padang 5 Aug 1938 to Gijsbertus Adrianus van Grondelle (born in Bangkinang 1 Jun 1909). G. A.van Grondelle, a Colonel of the Engineers of the Royal Dutch Indies Army, was divorced (Djakarta 11 Jan 1938) had two sons, Gijsbertus and Hans, with his first wife, Sonja Anoeska Marinka Jonquire.

I.  Frans Johannes Eduard Sartorius,
born in Pajokumbuh , married on 31 Dec 1957 to S. M. Michielsen.
I.  Suze Henriette Sartorius, born in Suliki 6 Aug 1955, married 6 Aug 1955 to J. Toorenaar.
I. Robert Theodoor Sartorius, born in Suliki.
I. Jan Evert van Grondelle, born in Padang 23 Sep 1939
I. Marinus Cornelis van Grondelle, born in Padang 16 Sep 1946

I.1.2.8. Josephine Hermine "Phine" Knuppel, born in Rembang 15 May 1885, died Enschede 16 Aug 1965, 
married in Rembang 23 Feb 1906 to Leonard Alfred Voogd (born Karanganjan 5 May 1879, ).

I. Leonie Voogd,
died in 1938; married Josef Segers.
I. Eduard Voogd

I.1.2.9. Leendert Frederik "Frits" Knuppel, born in Rembang 8 Jun 1887, died in Rembang 31 Oct 1916, buried in Ambarawa (Willem I) number 116; married a Javanese lady named Wasi.

I.  Jan Knuppel, born in Rembang 1 Aug 1913; died in Oxnard, California Feb 1981; married Juliana Antonia van Bezooyen.
I.  Jacobus Frederick Knuppel,
born in 1941.
I. Adrianne Knuppel, born in 1979.

I.  Winneke Geraldine Knuppel, born in 1942, married in 1962 to Gerald Thomas Newman.
I. Audrey Juliana, born in 1963.
I. Gregory Barrett, born in 1969.

I. Donald Eduard Knuppel, born in 1947, married in 1970 to Norma Deane Hainley.
I. Douglas Edward Knuppel, born in 1974.
I. Jason Michael Knuppel, born in 1977.

I. Silvia Yvonne Knuppel, born in 1949, married in 1971 to Tiimothy Neal Turpin.
I. Doreen Renee, born in 1976.

I.  Richard Gerard Knuppel, born in 1952, married in 1973 to Debra Ann Hixon.
I.  Nicole Knuppel, born in 1974.
I.  Natalie Ann Knuppel, born in 1976.
I. Nathan Gerhard Knuppel.

I.  Gerard Knuppel,
born in 1953, married in 1976 to Debra A. Lovell.
I.  Dana Michele Knuppel, born in 1977.
I.  Kristen Michele Knuppel, born in 1982.

Willy (1889 - 1945)  Willy Knuppel, see I.1.2.10

I.1.2.10. Willy Knuppel, born in Rembang 28 Mar 1889 [named for uncle?], died in Ngawi 7 Jul 1945, buried Nederlands ereveld kembang Kuning. Married first time with Regine Everaerts and believed to have 3 daughters; married second time with Leonie Harms. Leonie Harms born in Semarang on 17 Jul 1893, died Djatinegara, St. Vincentius Ziekenhuis on 13 Jan 1946. (notes 11 & 12)

I.1.2.11. Johny Otto Knuppel, born in Rembang 28 May 1894, married Deetje Veldmann;
no children.

Christiaan Johannes & Caroline Eveline
CJ van Haastert - CE Knuppel in Holland  
Caroline Eveline "Nietje"  
C.E. van Haastert- Knuppel in Java

I.1.2.12. Caroline Eveline "Nietje" Knuppel, born in Rembang 16 Apr 1897; died in Velsen 27 May 1981; 
married in Rembang 8 Oct 1919 to van Haastert, Christiaan Johannes (born in Bandung 10 Jun 1891, 
died in Velsen 13 Sep 1964) occupation landmeter kadaster.

I. Christiaan Alexander van Haastert,
born in Blora 4 Oct 1920, died in Rangoon 29 Dec 1942.

I. Karel Wijnand van Haastert,
born Semarang 3 Dec 1921, married Bandung 8 Jun 1948
to Helena Geertruida "Els" Terluin (born in Kotaradja 6 Aug 1922, died in Deventer 23 Aug 1999).

I.  Marianne van Haastert,
born in 1949, married Albert Pieter Koenderink.

I. Chris Jan van Haastert,
born in 1950, married to Wilhelmina Johanna van Wensveen.

I.  Jeannette van Haastert,
born in 1952, married first time to Rudolf Wilhelmus Zwollo, married second time to Leonardus Adrianus van Veen.
I.  Tjibbe Lennart Zwollo,
born in 1981.
I.  Gwen Elselijn Zwollo,
born in 1984.

I.  Eveline van Haastert,
born in 1956, married to Arthur Lodewijk Roskott.
I.  Fleur Nadine Roskott,
born in 1983.
I.  Niels Thomas Roskott,
born in 1986.

II. Ferry van Haastert,
born in Semarang 10 Apr 1923; died in Victorville, California 24 Jan 1993; married in 
Batavia 7 Jan 1947 to Nelly van den Berg (born in Bandoeng 24 Nov 1928, died in Fort Mohave, California 18 Apr 2001)

I. Dewey Joseph van Haastert,
born in 1948; married the first time with Sue Ellen Adler; married the second time with Billie Pate; married the third time with Karen Lee Perry.
I.  Lisa Anne van Haastert,
born in 1975.
I.  Jason Michael van Haastert,
born in 1980.
I.  Zachary van Haastert,
born in 1985.
I.  Sinae van Haastert,
born in 1986.
I.  Nicolas van Haastert,
born in 1992.

I.  Frances Bonita van Haastert,
born in 1950; married the second time to Charles Russell McGibbon
I. Kimberly Ann,
born in 1967; married to Francisco Henningsen.
I.  Robert Frances Henningsen.
I.  Brian Alexander Henningsen.
I.  Meghan Nicole Henningsen.

I.  Kelli Kristine McGibbon,
born in 1972, married Jonathan Ian Bennett
I.  Nathan Bennett
I.  Amanda Bennett
I.  Charles Brian McGibbon,
born in 1974, married Sherri Enos.
I. Alyssa Lynn McGibbon
I. Alyson Kennedy McGibbon

I.  Louis Christiaan van Haastert,
born in Den Haag 18 Apr 1955; died 31 Mar 2008. 
married the first time to Micaela Gaye Gibson; married the second time to Vicki Ann Archer.
I.  Christiaan Adam van Haastert,
born in 1976.
I.  Cara Liana van Haastert,
born in 1977.
I.  Victoria Anne van Haastert,
born in 1982.

I.  Ferdinand Anthony Stephan van Haastert,
born in 1956; married to Teresa Anne Guerrero
I.  Latisha Anne van Haastert,
born in 1977.
I.  Robin Anthony van Haastert,
born in 1978.

I.  Edward Robin van Haastert,
born in Lovington, New Mexico 15 Aug 1957; died in Lovington, New Mexico 1957.

I.1.2..12.3.6. Andrea Maria van Haastert, born in 1958; married to James Darrel Ford.
I.  Ramona Monique Ford, born in 1981.
I.  Armeda Marie Ford, born in 1984.

I.  John Alexander van Haastert, born in 1962; married to Denise Marie Bennis.

I.  Michael Spencer van Haastert, born in Dallas, Texas 9 Aug 1964; died in Victorville, California 29 Sep 1979.

I. Benjamin Simon van Haastert,
born in 1966; married to Jennifer Anne Metzger.
I. Joseph Michael van Haastert,
born in 1991.

I.  David Lee van Haastert,
born in 1967, married to Lorene Alicia Brower
I.  Amanda Justine van Haastert,
born in 1988.
I.  Christina Ann van Haastert,
born in 1993.

I.  Medi van Haastert, born in Pekalangan 27 Sep 1925; married the first time to Frederik Pieter;
married the second time to Frederik Hendrik Taka (born in Taleai-Timor Rote N.T.T.  28 Aug 1926).

I.  Rex Pieter, born in 1946.

I. Christiaan Eduard Pieter,
born in 1947; died in 1948.

I.  Edwin Pieter,
born in 1949; married to Raden Ajeng Trimartini "Nining" Rubinggo
I.  Ajeng Agustini Pieter,
born in 1984.

I. Erick Wijnand Taka,
born in 1952, twin, married to Marlinda Yulima Suyoko
I. Tracy Marliana "Tracy" Taka,
born in 1976.
I.  Caroline Methasari "Sari" Taka,
born in 1981.
I. Louissa Monica "Louise" Taka,
born in 1983.
I.  Eva Marie "Eva" Taka
born in 1987, married 2009 to Emanuel George Octavian Sitompul (born 1986)
I. Anthonious Eka Setyadharma Sitompul
I.  Glendiaz Morrelo Taka,
born in 1991.

I.1.2..12.4.5. Marinus Christiaan "Rinus" Taka,
born in Bandung 29 Apr 1952, twin; died Jakarta 18 Sep 1984; 
married 22 Aug 1978 to Helena Aster "Lena" Loth; sons were adopted by brother, Edwin Pieter, after Rinus died.
I.  Otto Mario Taka,
born in 1979.
I.  Ferdinand Paul Taka,
born in 1981.

I.  George Marcelino Taka, born in 1967; married to Kiki Rizki Paruntu.

I.  Gustaaf "Boeti" van Haastert, born in Pekalongan 26 Mar 1927; died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 25 Aug 1990;
married in Voorburg 29 Dec 1952 to Jacoba Constance "Cobi" Talma.
I.  Robert van Haastert,
born in 1955, married to Cindy Ceballos.
I.  Melissa Marie van Haastert,
born in 1979.
I.  Isabella Bleu Dahl,
born in 2005.
I.  Allison Ann van Haastert,
born in 1981, married to Jon Billman
I.  Mia Grace Billman
I.  Christen Colette van Haastert,
born in 1982, married Ian James Dean Walklin
I.  Eli Johnathan Walklin,
born in 2007.
I.  Robert Johannes van Haastert,
born in 1986.

I.  Inge Mildred van Haastert,
born in 1957, married to Clayton Ray Hall.
I.  Wendellyn Denise Hall,
born in 1976, married to Kenneth Elcynzyn
I.  Kaleb Ray Elcynzyn,
born in 2002
I.  Samuel Arlon Elcynzyn,
born in 2005
I.  Justin Ray Hall,
born in 1978 twin, married to Tawnya Marie Beaty
I.  Austin Jay Hall,
born in 1978 twin.
I. Zoraya Ivon Hall,
born in 2007

I.  Annelies van Haastert,
born in 1961, married first time to Jimmy Thomas; married second time to Robert Jack Klippel;
married third time to William Fredrick Bender; married/remarried 4th time to Jimmy Thomas
I.  Jamie Lyn Thomas,
born in 1977
I. Christopher Lynn Klippel,
born in 1983.
I. Jennifer Dawn Klippel,
born in 1985.
I. Ariel Breanna Beck
I.  Logan Clay Moore

I.  Jules van Haastert,
born in Padang, 30 Apr 1930; died in Dallas, Texas, 26 Nov 2004;
married Den Haag 29 Sep 1954 to Josephine Christine Koewe
I. Carl Edwin van Haastert, born in 1955, married to Terry Dianne Blackerby
I.  Jason Randal van Haastert, born 1976
I.  Justin Christopher van Haastert, born 1978, married to Tuesday Holston
I. Sean Christopher van Haastert,
born in 2007
I.  Jayme Pauline van Haastert, born 1981, married to David Towner
I. Alec Xander Towner, born in 1999. 
I. Alexus Jade Towner, born in 2001.
I. Austin Xavier Towner,
born in 2005.

I. Mario Jim van Haastert, born in 1960, married the first time to Vicky Lynn Dulin;
married the second time to Joyce Marie Lensing.
I.  Mario Jules van Haastert,
born in 1981, married the first time to Kasi Nicole Dalahite; second time to Barbara Margarette Schieber
I.  Kellen van Haastert,
born 2002
I.  Amanda Catharina Elisabeth van Haastert,
born 2009
I.  Jessica Lynn van Haastert,
born in 1982.
I.  Jaxon van Haastert

I.  Dean Alexander van Haastert,
born in 1961.

Possible third sibling  for Augustina Hermine and Cornelis Frederik Wijnand - but more likely the son of Christiaan Heyer Knuppel

(not yet confirmed; data from Jaap Zwart, email:

I.2.  Christiaan Heyer Knuppel, 
married Swencje, Margaretha Catharina in Rembang on 31 August 1839. (1840/239)

I.2.1. Wilhelmus Hermanus Anthonie "Willy" Knuppel, born in Rembang 21 May 1842 (or 1835?); died in Rembang 26 March 1876;
married to Swinge, Anna Sophia (born 7 August 1829) AFD Toeban 26 March 1876. Anna Sophia, widow,
later married Jacob Levasier and had 4 children: Jacob, Koos, Andrianus, and Berendina.

I.2.1.1  Theodoor Christiaan Knuppel, born in Rembang 20 September 1872; died ~1939;
married to Levasier, Pleuntje Ariaantje (born 13 November 1880, died 20 August 1962) in Semarang 9 November 1904.

I.  Edward "Ward" Knuppel,
born 24 July 1909, died 5 June 1989; married to Drieenhuizen, Niesje born 28 January 1916.
I.  Louise "Loes" Knuppel
I. Niesje Knuppel
I. Edward "Eddy" Knuppel
I.  Adriana "Adri" Knuppel,
married Poort, Teun
I.  Elvira Poort
I.  Nicolette Poort

I. Christiaan "Maud" Knuppel,
born 7 April 1911, died 4 September 1943; married Raat, Cornelia "Corrie"  (note 14)
I.  Mathieu Knuppel,
born Tjilatiap 5 Jun 1939, died Den Haag 26 Dec 1992; married de la Rambelje, Marcia Irene 
I.  Stephen Christiaan Knuppel, twin
I.  Maurits Rogier Knuppel, twin

I.  Elsa "Els' Knuppel,
born 21 Aug 1912; died 3 Aug 1977; married to Priester, Adriaan G. (born 29 Jun 1900, died 1 Jan 1953).
I. Sonja Priester,
born 7 May 1935; died ca 1979; married to van Braam Morris, Richard William "Rick" born 10 March 1936, died 31 August 1986).
I.  Marjolein van Braam Morris,
born 1971.
I.  Christina van Braam Morris,
born 1973.

I.  Anthony A. "Tonny" Knuppel,
born ca 1914; died ca 1949; never married.

I.  Hilda "Hilde" Knuppel,
born 30 September 1915; died 28 February 1994; 
married to Zwart, Jacob (born 25 July 1913, died 28 August 1993)

I.  Jaap Zwart,
born 30 October 1940; married to Steenkamp, E.M.S.J.
I.  Ronald Zwart,
married Angelique Anna Uiterwaal (note 13)
I.  Martijn Christiaan Zwart,
born 2006
I.  Hugo Jaap Zwart,
born 2009
I.  Arthur Zwart,
married Annemarie Hopman
I.  Elisabeth Zwart,
born 2009

I.  Hans Zwart,
born 21 July 1947; married to van Diepen, Afra
I.  Mirjam Zwart
, born Naarden, Netherlands; with  van der Linden, Daan (note 15)
I. Amber van der Linden, born Blaricum, Netherlands
I. Glenn van der Linden, born Bussum, Netherlands
I.  Tim Zwart

I.  Hendrik Christiaan Zwart,
born 23 March 1949; married to Diepenveen, Marjo
I.  Nanda Zwart
I.  Erik Zwart

I.  Robert Zwart,
born 9 May 1950; married to Lenderink, Erna
I.  Jeroen Zwart
I.  Marjolein Zwart
I.  Caspar Zwart

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2.  List of Shipping source: the Java Half-Yearly Almanac and Directory for 1815, published under sanction of Government.  
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8.  Europese Inwoners van West- Java in 1813; medegedeeld door P.A. Christiaans vervolg van De Indische Navorscher 2 (1989), nr. 1.;  
     1.  Knuppel, Christiaan, 2.  Amsterdam, 3. 16 mei 1803; 4.  Sourabaya, 6. seevaart; 8. Batavia 20 nov 1813.

9.  De Indische Navorscher 1990  ".XIa. Louis Otto Varkevisser, geb. Batavia 2 maart 1873, opzichter le kl. dep. van Burgerlijke Openbare Werken,
overl. Bandoeng 18 aug. 1920, tr. le Rembang 15 sept. 1894 Mariane Victorine Knuppel, geb. Rembang 7 april 1875, overl. Serang (Bantam) 13 juli 1906, dr. van Cornelis Frederik Wijnand en Cecilia Mariane Warnars
        1. Carolina Louise Cecilia Varkevisser, geb. Rembang 30 juni 1895, overl. Buitenzorg 7 juli 1942, tr. (bij volmacht) Bandoeng 12 okt. 1914
Wilhelmus van Uije, geb. Vlaardingen 26 dec. 1884, hoofdcontroleur P.T.T., overl. 15 aug. 1941, zn. van Jacobus Cornelis en Maria Cornelia Koorevaar.
        2. Mariana Nanny Varkevisser, geb. Blora (Rembang) 23 okt. 1896, overl. Soerabaja 20 april 1932, tr. Batavia 26 sept. 1923 Johannes Franciscus Meijers, geb. Nijmegen 13 jan. 1893, vakonderwijzer Openbaar Inlandsch Ambachtsonder-wijs, overl. Medan 18 dec. 1936, zn. van Josephus Antonius Gregorius en Elizabeth Rieff en gesch. echtg. van Gustaphine Caroline Varkevisser, hij tr. 3e Soerabaja 17 nov. 1932 Gertruda Altmann.
        3. Marie Antoinette Eveline Varkevisser, geb. Blora 26 maart 1898, assistente P.T.T., eervol ontslagen 31 maart 1919.
        4. Sophia Christina Varkevisser, geb. Gorontalo (N.-Celebes) 29 mei 1899, tr. Bandoeng 26 juli 1920 Antonius Johaness Ludovicus Martinus Bloemen.
        5. Victoire Elza Varkevisser, geb. Malang (Pasoeroean) 14 febr. 1901.
        6. Marinus Louis Wijnand Varkevisser, geb. Pasoeroean 17 mei 1902, overl. Soerabaja 5 aug. 1903.
        7. Piet
        8. Edmay Varkevisser, geb. Serang (Bantam) 8 juli 1906, overl. Batavia 28 juli 1906.

10.  Updates on Varkevisser family and picture of Louis & Marianne Varkevisser from Marina Sarsanszky, email:

11.  Picture of Willy Knuppel from Marianne Koenderink-van Haastert.

12Netherlands War Graves Foundation, Slachtofferregister data lists birth & death for Willy Knuppel and Leonie Knuppel-Harms.

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14.  Maurits Christiaan Knuppel-Cornelia Raat family data from Marcia Irene de la Rambelje.

15.  Zwart Family information from Hans Zwart, email:

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IFA Extracts of Knuppel family Births, Deaths, and Marriages
taken from Civil Registers of Indonesia (journal/entry number)

1. Caroline Eveline b: 16 Apr 1897 Rembang (1890/355)
2. Irene married August Smith 25 Oct 1895 Trenggalek (1896/307)
3. Johny Otto b: 28 May1894 Rembang (1895/337)
4. Marianne Victorine married Varkevisser, Louis Otto Rembang 15 Sep 1894 (1895/286)
5. Wilhelmina Geertruida married Dekens, Henri Willem Soerakarta 26 Sep 1890 (l891/278)
6. Willy d: 26 Mar 1889 Rembang (1890/304)
incorrect should be birth
7. Eduard Eugene b: 2 Feb 1880 Rembang (1881/258)
8. Leendert Frederik b: 18 Jun 1887 Rembang (1888/276)
9. Suze Florence d: 7 Jul 1883 Rembang (1884/246)
incorrect should be birth
10. Anton Adriaan b: 27 Sep 1907 Semarang(1907/51)
11. Augusta Hermina d: 27 Dec 1905 Rembang (1907/113)
12. Josephine Hermine married 
Voogd, Leonard Alfred
23 Feb 1906 Rembang (1907/14)
13. Henri married 
Klein, Sara Amelius
17 Dec 1902 Mediri (1904/240)
14. Louis (te Rembang overleden) Seragen 26 Mar 1906 (1907/195)
15. Marianne Victorine d: 23 Mar 1905 Serang(Bantam)1907/99
16. Peter August b: 15 Dec 1907 Malang (1909/69)
17. Suze Florence married 
de Leau, Alexander Johannes
28 Dec 1900 Rembang (1902/348)
18. Theodoor Christiaan married 
Levasier, Pleuntje Ariaantje
9 Nov 1904 Semarang (1906/10)
19. Willem Johan b: 31 Jul 1900 Soerabia (1901/409)
20. Anthony d: 24 Apr 1869 Rembang (1870/274)
21. Augusta Hermina married 
Winckelhagen, Johannes Jacobus
26 Nov 1870 Rembang (1872/188)
22. Cornelis Frederik Wijnand
married Warnars, Cecilia Mariana
29 Apr 1873 Rembang (1874/192)
23. Emile Theodorus b: 16 Nov 1876 Rembang (1878/236)
24. Francois Wijnand d: 30 Jul 1878 Rembang (1879/244)
25. Joseph Anthonie b: 9 Feb 1874 Rembang (1875/236)
26. Mariane Victorine b: 7 Apr 1875 Rembang (1876/240)
27. Theodoor Christiaan b: 20 Sep 1872 Rembang (1873/233)
28. Wilhelmina Geertruida b: 15 Aug 1870 Rembang (1871/214)
29. Wilhelmus Hermanus Anthonie d: 26 Mar 1876 Rembang (1877/307)
30. Anthoinetta Jacoba Wilhelmina b: 10 Jun 1844 Rembang (1845/286)
31. Christiaan d: 7 Jan 1841 Rembang (1842/299)
32. J. B. d: 28 Mar 1830 Soerakarta 1831/223
33. Augusta Hermina b: 3 Aug 1846 Rembang (1847/339)
34. Wilhelmus Hermanus Anthony b: 21 May 1842 Rembang (1843/274)
35. Anthony married Hormung, Hendriana Dianina  16 Dec 1835 Rembang (1836/187)
36. Christiaan Heyer married
Swencje, Margaretha Catharina 
31 Aug 1839 Rembang (1840/239)
37. Anthoinetta Jacoba Wilhelmina d: 11 Aug 1868 Rembang (1869/103)
38. Irene d: 6 Aug 1866 Rembang (1867/44)
39. Anthonij d: 25 Jul 1852 Rembang (1853/479)
40. Henri Afd Toeban (b/d?) 8 Feb 1865 (1866/42)
41. Anthonij b: 16 Jan 1853 Blora/Rembang 1854/447
42. Cornelis Frederik Wijnand b: 19 Feb 1849 Rembang (1850/393)
43. Wilhelmus Hermanus Anthony married
Swinge, Anna Sophia
26 Mar 1862 AFD. Toeban (1863/11)
44. Reintje b: 20 Sep 1862 Toeban (1864/44);
d: 29 Aug 1863 Toeban (1864/95)


Ch. Th. Kantoorbediende � Semarang, Tawang.  Theodoor Christiaan (1872-1939), son of WHA Knuppel
E. E. 3e Mach. Opiumdienst ter zee  Eduard Eugene Knuppel (1880-) son of CFW Knuppel
C.F.W. Klerk Waterstaat -- Rembang (C.M. Warnars)  Cornelis Frederik Wijnand Knuppel (1849-)
 Cecilia Marianne Warnars, spouse (1853-1929)
F.W. Werkbaas Waterstaat -- Rembang  Francois Wijnand Knuppel (1878-), son of CFW Knuppel
J.A. Klerk Ass.-Res. kantoor -- Rembang  Joseph Anthonie Knuppel, (1874-1929) son of CFW Knuppel
Ch. Th. Empl. Assur. Mij. -- Sem., Aloon-Aloon 18 (P.A. Levassier)  Theodoor Christiaan Knuppel (1872-1939), son of WHA Knuppel
 Pleuntje Ariaantje Levassier
W. Klerk N. I. S. -- Sem, Tawang (H.L. M. R. Everaarst)  Willy Knuppel (1888-1945), son of CFW Knuppel
 Regina Everaarst, spouse
E. E. Mach. Dordt. Petrol. Mij -- Sem., Tawang  Eduard Eugene Knuppel (1880-) son of CFW Knuppel
H. --.........-- Sem., Kobong.   
F. L. K. lerk Ass.-Res. kant. -- Blora  Leendert Frederik Knuppel (1887-1916), son of CFW Knuppel
T. H. E. Werkbaas Ws. -- Rembang  Emile Theodorus (1876-), son of CFW Knuppel
C.F.W. Klerk Ws -- Rembang (C.M. Warnars)  Cornelis Frederik Wijnand Knuppel (1849-)
 Cecilia Marianne Warnars, spouse (1853-1929)
F. W. Werkbaas Ws -- Rembang  Francois Wijnand Knuppel (1878-), son of CFW Knuppel
J. A. Klerk Res. kant. -- Rembang  Joseph Anthonie Knuppel, (1874-1929) son of CFW Knuppel
H. Empl Ws. -- Pasoeroean   
E. Agent China -- Java Export Mij -- Tjandi   
1920 - identical to 1910   
1930 - identical to 1910    
A. A. Ambt. Gemeentew. -- Pekalongan  Anton Adriaan ?
Ch. Th. Empl. H. Mij. Excelsior -- Soer.  Theodoor Christiaan Knuppel (1872-1939), son of WHA Knuppel
F. L. Klerk Ass.Res. kant. -- Blora  Leendert Frederik Knuppel (1887-1916), son of CFW Knuppel
H. Empl. Lands Ws. -- Pasoeroean  Henri ?
J. A. Kant. Hoofd Pl. Raad -- Medan (F. A. Feldmann)  second JA? found burial for Joseph Anthonie (1874- 1929)
T. H. E. Deurwaarder -- Blora  Emile Theodorus (1876-), son of CFW Knuppel
W. Boekh. le kl. N. I. S.-- Sem. (H. L. M. R. Everaarst)  Willy Knuppel (1888-1945), son of CFW Knuppel
 Regina Everaarst, spouse
W. J. Empl -- Soer. (Th. Sassen)  Willem Johan Knuppel ?

KNUPPEL  Family Extracts from Indisch Familie Archief persoonsfiches 1981

1.  Anthony huwde Rembang 16 dec 1835 HORNUNG Hendrina Dianira ( 2 kinderen)
2.  E (msvr) huwde Priester overl Malaga 1977
3.  Eduard Eugene huw Semarang 2 jun 1910 HUBNER, Annie Corrie
4.  Irene huw Banjoewangi 17 jul 1918 ENGELS, Henri August Rudolf Willem
5.  I huwde met Smith, A. ontbonden Toel Agoeng 6 feb 1918
6.  Irene huwde Trenggalek 25 okt 1895 SMITH, August
7.  Jan geb Ambarawa 1 aug 1913
8.  Leendert Frederik overl Denak 23 nov 1916
9.  Mariane huw Rembang 15 sep 1894 VARKVISSER, Louis Otto
10. Mina huwde DIEDERIKSZ, Koos zij was Dochter van Anthony en van Hornung, Daneira, bij Diederiksz had ze 3 kinderen
11. Wijnand, zoon van Knuppel, Anthony en Hornung Daneira, huwde WARNARS Marie, zij hebben 12 kinderen
12. Chris Knuppel (Indisch man) huw te Semarang met Pleun LEVASIER,zij had Nederl ouders uit dit huwelijk een dochter Elsa Knuppel
13. KNUPPEL, Elsa geb rond 1910 huwde met Priester
14. Death Announcement
Heden ontsliep in haar Heer Heiland onze lieve, zorgzame Moeder, Schoonmoeder, Oma, Zuster, Schoonzuster, Tante en Oudtante
Elsa Priester-Knuppel,  op de leeftijd van 64 jaaar.
    Malaga: S. van Braam Morris-Priester
    R. W. van Braam Morris
    G.A.F. Duyshart
    en overige familie
Leidschendam, 3 augustus 1977
El Atabal - F 37, Puerto de la Torre, Malaga, Spanje.
De bijzetting in het familiegraf op ,, Nieuw Eykenduynen", Kamperfoeliestraat,
's-Gravenhage, zal plaatsvinden maandag 8 augustus om 1 uur.
Vertrek van de rouwkamer, Fred. Hendriklaar 7, om 12.30 uur.
Bezoek rouwkamer vrijdag van 4-5 uur, zaterdag en zondag van 12-1 uur.
Medanners attentie:
Op 1 December 1973 ontviel ons tante Dee Knuppel, wed. van Otto Knuppel.
Met dank gedenken wij haar zorgzaamheid, vriendschap en trouw.
    Mvr. E. van Bodegraven
    Harry en Miranda v. Lieshout-Fontein
    John en Yvonne Fontein-Beentjes
    John en Maureen Wijnstra-Fontein
    Celeste Fontein
    Jim Fontein
Corr. Adres: jan van Polanenstraat 128, Heemskerk - NH Telefoon 02510-34420
Family Extracts from Indisch Familie Archief persoonsfiches

I. KNUPPEL Wijnand
huwde met WARNARS, Marieze hebben 12 kinderen

gehuwd en later weer gescheiden

huwde met VARKEVISSER, Louis

huwde met de Chin vronw LIM KIEM BIK te Blora

II.d KNUPPEL, Wijnand
huwde met de Indon vrouw INEM te Rembang

II.e KNUPPEL, Tjiek Ketjel (?)

II.f KNUPPEL, Tjiek Besar Eduard
hij is kind van een meld (!)

heeft zich van kant gemaakt

huwde met Harms, Leonie

huwde met VOOGD  2 kinderen
1. VOOGD, Leonie overl in 1938 was gehuwd met SEGERS, Josef
2. VOOGD, Eduard

huwde met LE LEAU

huwde met Lena BRAS

II.1 KNUPPEL, Nietje
huwde met VAN HAASTERT

List of Shipping

source: the Java Half-Yearly Almanac and Directory for 1815,
published under sanction of Government

Found at

ship's names tons commanders owners
Ship Governor Raffles 330 J. Neish C.H. Klein, Samarang
Ship Elza 398 J. Taylor Chapman & Rutter, Samarang
Ship Hector 400 W. de Groot W. de Groot & Co.
Ship Po 280 J. Mariar J. Mariar
Ship Isabella 240 M. Mayne J. Scott
Ship Theban 90 C. Lacellas Aiaslie and Addison
Brig Elizabeth 60 - -
Brig Christina 50 Chio Chinko C.G. Greeving
Brig Henry 85 N. Buchanan Chapman & Rutter, Samarang
Brig Helena Jacoba 120 C. Martius Joseph Johannes, Samarang
Brig Ebgelina 100 J. Gebhard P. Bol
Brig Anna 190 P. Bol P. Bol
Birg Covelong 140 W.U. Eddie W. Hicks
Brig Seahorse 160 J. Suo J. Suo
Brig Tiangshong 30 Cha How Oey Holong
Brig Susanna 40 Paketje Tan Tonking
Brig Chuanhek 120 Chea Tinko Koy Theko
Schooner Viagante 160 J. Wallace Rollo van der Kaa
Schooner Jonge Nicolas 60 C. Knupple C. Fleyer
Ketch Wilhel. Helena 75 C. Valentine R.S. Veer
Cutter Arethusa 60 - Hekscher

Additional Shipping information found at

D/A year mm dd type ship ship's name Capt./ Owner? For or From Passengers Cargo
A 1814 jul 12 ship Maria Louisa C. Knuppel from Sourabaya and Samarang Messrs. J. Meyer, H. Meyer, and family  
D 1814 aug 1 schooner Maria Louisa Hullart for Indramayo    
D 1814 aug 9 ship Maria Louisa C. Knupper for Sourabaya    
A 1814 aug 14 schooner Maria Louisa E. Hullart from Indramayo 13th aug Mr. Thalman Coffee
D 1814 aug 28 schooner Maria Louisa E. Hulbart for Indramayo    
A 1814 sep 16 schooner Maria Louisa E. Hullard from indramayo 15th sep Mr. and Mrs. Bomberg Coffee
D 1814 oct 12 schooner Maria Louisa E. Hullart for Sourabaya    
D 1814 oct 23 ship Maria Louisa C. Knuppel for Indramayo    
D 1814 oct 29 schooner Jonge Nicolaas C. Haverzagt for Sourabaya    
A 1814 nov 16 ship Maria Louisa C. Knuppel from Indramayo 13th nov Capt. Hicks Coffee
D 1814 dec 1 ship Maria Louisa C. Knuppel for Sourabaya and Samarang    
A 1814 oct 1 ship Maria Louisa C. Knuppel from Sourabaya 23d sep Messrs. C. Fisher, C.A. Fisher, C. Fisher, H. Haste  

and in paalgeld database, Access "mdb" format, found at



captain fam name

captain first names


port of origin







and in another paalgeld database, Access "mdb" format, found at

PGSC Table



























PGWI  table



















The "paalgeld", is a duty collected from the ships by the town of Amsterdam.

The 'paelhuysken' where the shippers had to pay their 'paalgeld' or harbour fees.

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From: Nieuwe Indische Navorscher, 2 (1988), pg 73: EUROPESE INWONERS VAN WEST-JAVA IN 1813
medegedeeld door P.A. Christiaans vervolg van De Indische Navorscher 2 (1989), nr. 1.
On pg 83:
Naam en voornaam: Knuppel, Christiaan
geboorteplaats: Amsterdam
Datum van aankomst hier te lande: 16 mei 1803
Thans woonachtig: Sourabaya
Huidig beroep: zeevaart
Batavia 20 nov. 1813
European inhabitants of West Java in 1813, compiled by P.A. Christiaans, published in De Indische Navorscher,
2 (1989), nr. 1.  On pg 83:
Name and first naam: Knuppel, Christiaan
Place of birth:  Amsterdam
Date of arrival in this country: 16 mei 1803
Now living in:  Sourabaya
Present Occupation: sailor
Date and place of information:  Batavia 20 nov. 1813

From: Nieuwe Indische Navorscher, 3 (1990), pg 54: De Katwijkse familie Varkevisser en haar Indische nakomelingen.
(The family Varkevisser from Katwijk and their descendants in (Dutch East Indie). XIa.
Louis Otto Varkevisser, geb. Batavia 2 maart 1873, opzichter lekl.dep. van Burgerlijke Openbare Werken, overl. Bandoeng 18 aug. 1920, tr. le Rembang 15 sept. 1894 Mariane Victorine Knuppel, geb. Rembang 7 april 1875, overl. Serang (Bantam) 13 juli 1906, dr. van Cornelis Frederik Wijnand en Cecilia Mariane Warnars; tr. 2e Soekaboemi (Preanger Reg.) 31 maart 1920 Wilhelmina Frederika Buwalda, geb. Pandeglang (Bantam) 31 maart 1890, overl. (Bandoeng) 5 juli 1922, dr. van Frederik George Willem en de Javaanse vrouw Marinah.

From: Nieuwe Indische Navorscher, 9 (1996), pg 81:
Gelegenheidsvondsten: Rembang, geboorten 1829 medegedeeld door L.M.Janssen. Anna Sophia Swincge, geb. 7 aug. 1829; declarant en vader: Johan Wilhelm Swincge, particulier zeilmaker, wonende in de dessa Dassoon, distr. Binangoon, res. Rembang; moeder: de vrije Chinese vrouw In Njoe, ongehuwde jongedochter; getuigen: Jan Jansen Nooij, herbergier, en Christiaan Knuppel, zonder beroep, beiden wonende te Rembang en goede bekenden van de declarant. 1) hij tekent als: Sweinge.
Christiaan Knuppel is witness by the notification of the birth of Anna Sophia Swincge in Rembang 7 aug 1829. He is said to be without occupation, living in Rembang, and he knows the father, Johan Wilhelm Swincge and mother, In Njoe, as well.

From: Nieuwe Indische Navorscher, 9 (1996), pg 135: Gelegenheidsvondsten: Rembang, overlijden 1829 medegedeeld door L.M. Janssen. Frederik Jacobus de Nijs, overl. 18 april 1829 de klokke twaulf ure des mida�zgs op zee bij het eiland Mandalika, aan boord van de sloep Margaretha aan zijne bekomen wonden toegebragt door een schot van een zeeroversprauw, oud 40 jr., gep. landmeter, geboortig van Semarang, echtgenoot van Engeltina Magdalena Roeijong, wonende te Rembang; ouders: [niet vermeld]; aangevers: Juriaan Karstens, oud 43 jr., commies ontvanger der inkomende en uitgaande rechten, en Christiaan Knuppel, oud 46 jr., burger, beiden wonende te Rembang en buren van de overledene.
Christiaan Knuppel together with Juriaan Karstens, notifies the civil authorities of the death of Frederik Jacobus de Nijs.  F.J. de Nijs died at sea on board the sloop Margaretha from his gunshot wounds inflicted by a pirate ship on 18 Apr 1829. Christiaan is said to be 46 years old, full inhabitant, living in Rembang and neighbor of the deceased.

Compiled by Mr. P. C. Bloys van Treslong Prins 1938, part 3, page 27
Cemetery: Ambarawa (Willem 1).(Nieuwe begraafplaats) 3e Afdeling D. 266.
Hier rust / L. F. Knuppel / geb. 8 Juni 1887 / overl. 31 October 1916 (196).

pg 234
Cemetery: Regraafplaats te Madioen.
210. Hier rust / zacht en kalm / onze broeder / Joseph Anthoni / Knuppel / geb. te Rembang / 9 April 1873 /overl. te Madioen / 24 Nov. 1929 / R. I. P. (931)

In memoriam:  was published in the magazine of the Indische Pensioen Bond (IPB),  Marie Antoinette Eveline "Rie" Rous-Varkevisser worked at the IPB 1966 - 1991.

Dear friends of the IPB,
"On behalf of my grandmother, your Rie Rous, I like to thank you for the friendship and the opportunity to work that you gave to her. She liked the job and the people very much and she often told us how pleasant it was with you. I thank particularly Joop Meeluysen for his professional way of helping me to bring my Oma to Canada.  Oma enjoyed on the 26th of March a happy birthday complete with an Indian food in the presence of all the children and grandchildren. From her grand-grandson Roger she received a beautiful warm sweater and without knowing how soon that would be Oma said to all: Roger, I like it so much that I want to wear it when I shall be buried. The next morning at about 12 wearing the sweater and enjoying her favorite 'lemper' in a cosy chair, she complained to Danielle about pain in her abdomen. Before Danielle knew what was happening, she held Oma while she died.  Danielle and I have often prayed to God to let her go to sleep in a peaceful way as a reward for the caring of her for me and my brothers Willem and Henk. The prayer is heard.  Oma Rie Rous was for many people a business-like woman, but she had great love for children. Besides the education of me and my brothers (I was a real brandal) she has with her husband Willem Daniel Rous raised 7 more children and financed their studies. During our adolescence Oma gave parties and liked to dance the modern dances and music. She gave me and my brothers a fantastic youth and that is why Danielle and I are happy we could do something in return.  Dear friends, thank you very much for the friendship you gave to our Oma. Greetings, Pieter."

Marie Antoinette Eveline Rous
Who passed away into the presence of Her Lord
On March 27, 1992 at Home
Age 94 years
Born in Blora, Indonesia
Late of Clearbrook, B.C.

Mass of Christian Burial
Thursday, April 2, 1992 at 10:00 am
From St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church
33333 Mayfair Avenue, Abbotsford, B.C.

Celebrant --Father Alan Baischer

Organist--Joanna van Leeuwen

Pallbears--Roger Buwalda, Michael Buwalda, David Buwalda, Rick Brown, Charles Davies, Cory Carter

Cremation will be held at the Valley Crematorium

Memoriam provided by Mariana Sarsanszky
GHG/3 [27,234]
Page 27:  3e Afdeling D. Ambarawa (Willem 1) 266. Hier rust / L. F. Knuppel / geb 8 Juni 1887 / overl 31 Oct 1916 (116)

Page 234: Begraafplaats te Madioen. 210. Hier rust / zacht en kalm / onze broeder / Joseph Anthoni / Knuppel / geb. te Rembang / 9 Apr 1873 / overl. te Madioen / 24 Nov. 1929 / R.I.P. (931) 

INN/2 [83]

Europese Inwoners van West-Java in 1813

1. Knuppel, Christiaan

2. Amsterdam

3. 16 mei 1803

4. Sourabaya 

6. zeevaart 

8. Batavia 20 nov. 1813 


INN/3 [54] 

XIa. Louis Otto Varkevisser, geb. Batavia 2 maart 1873, opzichter le kl.n dep. van Burgerlijke Openbare Werken, overl. Bandoeng 18 aug. 1920, tr. le Rembang 15 sept. 1894 Mariane Victorine Knuppel, geb. Rembang 7 april 1875, overl. Serang (Bantam) 13 juli 1906, dr. van Cornelis Frederik Wijnand en Cecilia Mariane Warnars. 


INN/9 [81,135]

Page 81:  Anna Sophia Swincge, geb. 7 aug. 1829; declarant en vader: Johan Wilhelm Swincge, particulier zeilmaker, wonende in de dessa Dassoon, distr. Binangoon, res. Rembang; moeder: de vrije Chinese vrouw In Njoe, ongehuwde jongedochter; getuigen: Jan Jansen Nooij, herbergier, en Christiaan Knuppel, zonder beroep, beiden wonende te Rembang en goede bekenden van de declarant. 1) hij tekent als: Sweinge.


Page 135:  Frederik Jacobus de Nijs, overl. 18 april 1829 de klokke twaulf ure des mida�zgs op zee bij het eiland Mandalika, aan boord van de sloep Margaretha aan zijne bekomen wonden toegebragt door een schot van een zeeroversprauw, oud 40 jr., gep. landmeter, geboortig van Semarang, echtgenoot van Engeltina Magdalena Roeijong, wonende te Rembang; ouders: [niet vermeld]; aangevers: Juriaan Karstens, oud 43 jr., commies ontvanger der inkomende en uitgaande rechten, en Christiaan Knuppel, oud 46 jr., burger, beiden wonende te Rembang en buren van de overledene.

Netherlands War Graves Foundation, Slachtofferregister data lists birth & death for Christiaan Maurits KNUPPEL, born Semarang 7 April 1911, died Takanon, Thailand on 4 Sep 1943; Infantry KNIL, rank M. Sld.; buried Ereveld Kanchanaburi, Thailand.


Netherlands War Graves Foundation, Slachtofferregister data lists birth & death for Jeane KNUPPEL, occupation Scholier, died in Tjimoerah on 11 Oct 1945; buried Nederlands ereveld Pandu, Bandung. 


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