Star Trek Space Pens

Barrel Pen

The Fisher Space Pen was invented by Paul C. Fisher in 1965 for NASA. The pressurized ink writes upside down, on grease, under water, in freezing cold or boiling heat-and yes, even in orbit!

Star Trek Space Pens are great to own and a perfect gift for anyone! We only have one type left-all the other types are completely sold out.

The Star Trek pen shown has a plastic barrel with the quality Space Pen refill inside. It comes in black, dark blue and maroon and costs $8.

ALERT! Just one of these little beauties turned up during a recent inventory.
It was always our personal favorite-an ergonomically correct (the barrel is triangular) and comfortable pen to write with. On its side reads,
"For Official Use Only, U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-D." $28

Note:Fisher no longer makes Star Trek pens. Get them here while you can! Quantities are limited!

Your Space Pen will write for a long time, but when you finally run out of ink, we've got your refills! This Space Ball refill will fit not only your Space Pen, but also Cross, Parker, Mont Blanc, Sheaffer, Lodis, Micro, Excalibur, Elysee, Lamy, Pelikan, Rotring, Diplomat and others! Black, bold point, only $5 postpaid!
Medium point black refill for space pens only are $3 each.

Shipping for Space Pens is $4.50 per order in the US.

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Written by  Bill Hager  on board Starbase 49.
Last changed on September 1, 2008.