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and local sustainably grown oil crops as fuel.


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1994 VW Passat
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Read about local SVO in the Alaska Star newspaper

We offer straight vegetable oil (SVO) conversion services for Southcentral Alaska, and biodiesel and SVO consultations statewide.

240D SVO ConversionWe add a heated second fuel system to enable diesel vehicles to burn filtered straight vegetable oil (SVO)

The basic "No-Frills Alaska Special" conversion for cars run just over $1000 in parts, and is the minimum we recommend for Alaska winters. Many of the parts can be replaced with similar ones, but we try to keep at least 5 heat exchangers.

The Heat Exchangers:
  1. Coolant Heated HOTFOX fuel pickup
  2. Coolant Heated Hose-On-Hose fuel lines
  3. Coolant Heated Flate Plate Heat Exhanger (FPHE)
  4. Coolant Heated Filter
  5. Electric 12V VEGTHERM Boost Heat

More elaborate and polished systems are available. This no-frills system is designed for folks who want to run SVO, and need it to work, but aren't as concerned with custom-made brackets, aluminum tanks or computerized control systems.

Systems for pickups require some beefier parts and additional labor.

For more information on Alaska VegOil Services please contact: svo@alaskabiodiesel.org