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Supporting and encouraging the use of waste vegetable oil, fish oil
and local sustainably grown oil crops as fuel.


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1994 VW Passat
1992 VW Golf
1997 Ford F350
2002 VW Jetta TDI

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Alaska Information
  Questions for Sarah Palin from the ADN.
  No Fuel Taxes for a Year.
  Rumors of a Tax Evasion Grease Bust!
  Stealing Grease in Anchorage.
  Biodiesel at the Renewable Energy Fair - Aug 9th Anchorage.
  Alaska Fish Oil Biodiesel Grant Reopened.
  Vegwerks in the Anchorage Daily News.
  Alaska Suppliers of Biodiesel Chemicals.
  Hands-On Biodiesel Brewing Class - June 14, 2008 - Palmer.
  37 Degrees and Light.
  Backyard Biodiesel Basics Class - May 14, 2008 - Palmer.
  Earth Day biodiesel and SVO on AK radio.
  Biofuels [kind of] Blamed in Food Crisis
  Alaska Biodiesel Night a Success!
  Alaska Biodiesel in the news.
  March 26, 2008 - Anchorage Biodiesel Night.
  Sustainable biofuels are Alaska's best option.
  The unsigned qualified dealer license.
  SEAKing biodiesel in Juneau
  13 million gallons of Alaska fish oil.
  Biodiesel and Vegoil taxes in Alaska. *
  Bringing biodiesel to Alaska: the Seattle model.
  Biodiesel needs cows - Alaska grown fuel.
  Biodiesel available in all 50, no wait, 49 states.
  The Alaska Biodiesel and SVO Network.

Biodiesel and Vegoil Information
  Tuning up Vegoil (SVO, WVO) Systems.
  Hands-on Biodiesel Cheat Sheet
  Dr. Diesel and Peanut Oil - Myth or Legend?
  Which Truck should I get for a SVO-WVO-Vegoil Conversion? *
  Grease Price Conspiracies.
  How much does an Alaska Vegoil System cost? *
  Methanol prices going up!
  Gasoline and Vegetable Oil Blends. *
  The best SVO-WVO fuel routing design.
  VW Jetta TDI Plantdrive SVO conversion.
  Which Diesel should I get for a SVO-WVO-Vegoil Conversion? *
  Why Plantdrive - Or, which SVO kit is best? *
  Vegoil Soup, an alphabet of acronyms.

Resources: Books, Magazines, DVDs, Websites.
  Web: Vegwerks joins the Biodiesel Blogs Aggregator!
  Book: Biodiesel Homebrew Guide - the definitive DIY manual. *
  Book: Do It Yourself Guide to Biodiesel - buyer's guide to processors.
  Magazine: biodieselSMARTER - I adore biodieselSMARTER.
  Book: Home Brew Biodiesel - a fabulous DIY manual. *
  Magazine: biodieselSMARTER - for homebrewers by homebrewers. *
  Book: Biodiesel America - an overview of biodiesel in America.
  DVD: Revolution Green - community-scale biodiesel plants and BioWillie.
  DVD: The Fat of the Land - the first recorded homebrew biodiesel roadtrip.
  Book: Biodiesel Power - a history of small-scale American biodiesel.
  Book: Not a Gas Station - a history of Biofuel Oasis and how to guide.
  DVD: Greasy Rider - SVO and American Society via a greasy roadtrip.
  Book: Sliding Home - a near perfect primer on SVO. *
  Book: The Edge of Veg - technical observations of vegoil in diesel systems.

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