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Supporting and encouraging the use of waste vegetable oil, fish oil
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1994 VW Passat
1992 VW Golf
1997 Ford F350
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VegOil Conversions

We offer straight vegetable oil (SVO) conversion services for Southcentral Alaska, and biodiesel and SVO consultations statewide.

Our Alaska Vegoil Systems have the most heat of any system on the market, with a total of FIVE heaters. Our baic conversions are based on PlantDrive components, but we will install or modify almost any system out there.

The No-Frills Alaska Special
This is the least expensive system we offer for 4-season Alaska driving, with all 5 heaters. Other kits may only have 3 heaters (GreaseCar, Golden Fuel Systems) or 4 heaters (Frybrid). If you already have one of these systems, we can beef it up to deliver nice hot thinned oil to your injection pump. The major components include:

  • Coolant Heated HOTFOX Fuel Pickup
  • Coolant Heated Hose-On-Hose Fuel Lines
  • Coolant Heated Flate Plate Heat Exhanger (FPHE)
  • Coolant Heated Filter-Wrap
  • Electric 12V VEGTHERM Boost Heat
  • One 6-port Pollak Valve
  • Red Tempo Above-Deck PBX 12 Gallon Tank.

The Alaska Standard
This is the basic system we recommend. It upgrades the Filter Wrap to a PlantDrive VegMax filter. In addition, we replace the single 6-port Pollak valve with two 3-port Hydraforce valves. These modifications greatly improve cold-weather performance, allow backflushing of the vegoil filter and minimize vegoil contamination in your diesel tank.

The Alaska Deluxe
This system adds the VOControl controller, which monitors system temperature, fuel levels, and electric heaters. It automatically switches to vegoil when ready, and allows the user to autopurge at the end of their drive. The Alaska Deluxe also includes an Espar Hydronic heater, allowing off-the-grid cold-weather starting and vegoil preheating.

Custom Systems
All of our systems are custom-designed to your vehicle. Whether you want a fully installed system, or help with designing your own, let us know what type of driving you do, how much you want to spend, and the year, make and model your vehicle and we can set you up!

It's easy to save big on your tank. The basic 12-gallon tempo PBX tank works great, and has a fuel gauge on the tank itself. We have also used the larger marine tanks, both plastic and steel, with great success. For our Deluxe systems, we offer custom-welded aluminum tanks, with methanol-resistant fuel senders.

Confused? Alaska folks receive a FREE initial consultation. Call us at 907-688-5288 or email convert@alaskavegoil.org