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Supporting and encouraging the use of waste vegetable oil, fish oil
and local sustainably grown oil crops as fuel.


Alaska Conversions

1994 VW Passat
1992 VW Golf
1997 Ford F350
2002 VW Jetta TDI

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VegOil Conversions

We offer straight vegetable oil (SVO) conversion services for Southcentral Alaska, and biodiesel and SVO consultations statewide.

All of the components for our Alaska Vegoil Systems are available for Do-It-Yourself conversions. Whether it's a compete system or just a filter, we buy in bulk and courier many of our parts up. In general you'll save money by picking up parts at our Chugiak (Anchorage) location.

Alaska Vegoil System Diagram

Some vehicles, like most Volkswagens, do not have the additional lift pump. On many others, the fuel hoses can be rerouted so the lift pump is AFTER the filters. When relocating the lift pump is not possible, we supply an electric pump for the vegoil side. More design info on the Vegwerks Blog.

Confused? Alaska folks receive a FREE initial consultation. Call us at 907-688-5288 or email convert@alaskavegoil.org