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We offer straight vegetable oil (SVO) conversion services for Southcentral Alaska.

The Modified PlantDrive.com conversion on a 1997 F350 Ford Powerstroke, direct injection diesel engine.

F350 BackWe do not generally recommend the first generation Powerstrokes (1995-1998) for conversions because there is currently no way to avoid running vegoil through the stock diesel filter. This results in long purge times. We estimate a 5 minute purge time with a diesel to vegoil backflush (2 valve), or 10-15 minute purge with diesel looped (1 valve). In addition we suggest instead of the typical 10 micron prefilter a minumum of 2 micron prefilter (0.5 is better) to lengthen the life of the stock filter. This system ran about $1600 in parts.

F350 HotFoxThe Vormax coolant heated filter comes standard with the PlantDrive.com kit. We add a coolant wrap around the filter to help prevent vegoil waxing in extreme cold.

F350 HotfoxHere you can see the top of the Minnesota made Arctic-Fox brand HOTFOX heated pickup installed on the front stock fuel tank. We source our HOTFOX through PlantDrive.com. The special fittings are from Parker. The HOTFOX works like the flame on a candle. Just as a candle heats and melts wax which pools around the flame, the hotfox only heats the oil around the pickup, and lets the thicker stuff slowly slump to the middle. We believe this system is more efficient than trying to heat the whole tank. The ball valve balances coolant flow between the HotFox and the Vormax.

f350 Coolant Lines We used 5/8 inch coolant lines bundled and insulated hose-on-hose (HOH) with 3/8" vegoil line. These coolant lines run in series from the engine to the Flat Plate Heat Exchanger, then the front heater core, the aftermarket rear cab heater core and then the HotFox in the vegoil tank. 3/8 inch coolant lines were spliced in parallel just before and after the HotFox to divert coolant to the Vormax filter. The custom hose-on-hose design plans can be purchased from Vegoil Conversions.

F350 Engine OverviewThe first generation Powerstroke is a 7.3L Direct Injection engine using a high-pressure oil "Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injection" system instead of the older mechanical injection pump.

Relocated PollakThe 1997 F350 comes with two diesel tanks controlled by a 6-port pollak valve next to the front tank. We moved the valve from the bed rails, spliced the rear tank in to the diesel line, ran the veg line bundled with the coolant hoses and reinstalled the stock tank valve in the engine compartment next to the washer fluid reservoir. This shortens the round-trip vegoil loop from over 30 feet to about 4 feet!

F350 VegthermThe stock lift pump, injection pump and diesel lines are underneath the turbo manifold. Loosen all the hose clamps and it will pull right up. Reinstalling is a little tricky, but should go in smoothly if all the clamps are loose. We spliced into the stock lines to hook up the pollak valves. The Vegtherm Mega is supplied by PlantDrive.com and provides an extra boost of heat right before the lift pump.

F350 Fuel ReturnFuel is first heated by the HotFox, then through heated HOH lines to the heated Vormax filter, through more heated HOH lines up to the 26 plate copper-brazed Flate Plate Heat Exchanger (FPHE). We beleive the FPHE is the most efficient form of coolant heat excahger available for SVO systems. We sourced this FPHE from www.OmarSales.com. From the FPHE vegoil flows through the stock supply valve, to the vegtherm and then the engine. Returning from the engine fuel flows through a sight glass, which tells us if there is air in the system and if the vegoil has been fully purged. Finally, the fuel passes to the return pollak valve, which sends diesel back to the rear diesel tank and loops the vegoil. Both our supply and return Pollak valves are 6-port valves that are being used as 3-ports. The dual-valve setup allows us to run diesel in the stock configuration, loop vegoil, purge air, or backflush the vegoil lines.

F350 FrontThanks to the Alaska Biodiesel and SVO network for free advice and for connecting straight veg and biodiesel folks in Southcentral Alaska. Alaska VegOil Services is available to convert your diesel today!

We appreciate the research and development that Vegoil Conversions, PlantDrive.com and Frybrid.com have done for SVO conversions. You may be able to save a few dollars (though not much more) buying similar valves, filters and fuel pickups at other places, but please, support these companies and appreciate all the time and effort they have contributed to the SVO community.