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1994 VW Passat
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1997 Ford F350
2002 VW Jetta TDI

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We offer straight vegetable oil (SVO) conversion services for Southcentral Alaska.

The Winterized PlantDrive.com conversion on a 2002 Jetta TDI.

Jetta FrontThis was our second conversion for Jason from Cobas Plant Care in Wasilla. Some conversion parts were pulled off of his old Passat, you may notice some similarities to that conversion. This one has some significant upgrades, notably the Hydraforce (Frybrid) valves and the VegMax 5 micron heated filter.

Jetta TrunkWe chose to keep the above-deck 12 gallon Tempo PBW tank, with a HotFox heated pickup, but switched to the fabulous VegMax coolant heated filter, mounted on a custom bracket from our greasy friends at Husky Freighters.

Jetta HotfoxHere you can see the top of the Minnesota made Arctic-Fox brand HOTFOX heated pickup installed on the Tempo Tank. The special fittings are from McMaster-Carr. The HOTFOX works like the flame on a candle. Just as a candle heats and melts wax which pools around the flame, the hotfox only heats the oil around the pickup, and lets the thicker stuff slowly slump to the middle. We believe this system is more efficient than trying to heat the whole tank.

Jetta Coolant Lines We used 3/8" inch coolant lines bundled and insulated hose-on-hose (HOH) with the 3/8" vegoil line. The custom hose-on-hose design plans can be purchased from Vegoil Conversions.

Jetta Engine OverviewThe HOH lines come up from under the vehicle, pass next to the timing belt cover, and end at the 16-plate heat exchanger. Vegoil exits the flat plate heat exchanger and enters the 3-port supply valve. The diesel line is rerouted from the stock filter to the supply valve. Fuel flows from the supply valve through the 12v VegTherm heater, past the fuel temperature sensor and into the injection pump. The fuel return lines head through the sight glass to the 3-port return valve, where the vegoil side is looped and the diesel side returns to the stock diesel return line.

Jetta Coolant TapsThe coolant for the 3/8" HOH lines and the 5/8" FlatPlate lines are tapped into the heater core lines just before they enter the firewall. This shows PEX tees, but we now prefer using standard black plastic coolant tees. On more recent conversions we have experimented with 5/8" lines for an inline (series) vegoil system, which although quite bulky, heats up twice as fast as 3/8" lines tapped in parallel as shown here. Of course, inline systems won't work for vehicles that shut off flow to the heater cores, and must be sized appropriately.

Jetta ValvesWe've found the Hydraforce valves mount nicely onto 1/8" Aluminum.

Jetta SwitchesThe lower console makes a great spot for switches. This temporary plate will be replaced with custom finished wood one, although plantdrive.com sells brushed aluminum ones.

Jetta OverviewThanks to the Alaska Biodiesel and SVO network for free advice and for connecting straight veg and biodiesel folks in Southcentral Alaska. Alaska VegOil Services is available to convert your diesel today!

We appreciate the research and development that Vegoil Conversions, PlantDrive.com and Frybrid.com have done for SVO conversions. You may be able to save a few dollars (though not much more) buying similar valves, filters and fuel pickups at other places, but please, support these companies and appreciate all the time and effort they have contributed to the SVO community.