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Supporting and encouraging the use of waste vegetable oil, fish oil
and local sustainably grown oil crops as fuel.


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1994 VW Passat
1992 VW Golf
1997 Ford F350
2002 VW Jetta TDI

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VegOil Conversions

We offer straight vegetable oil (SVO) conversion services for Southcentral Alaska.

We are Southcentral Alaska's only Authorized PlantDrive WVO-SVO-VegOil dealer/installer!

Contact us at 907-688-5288 or shop@alaskavegoil.org for DISCOUNT prices on Do-It-Yourself Conversions.

Or, we can put in a burly Alaska Vegoil System in your diesel car or truck.

Not ready to put in a system, or you already have one? You can support our Alaska biodiesel and vegoil outreach and education programs by purchasing from Amazon.com through our links: