Trumpet   engraving

So , lets make some dreams come true.


Full coverage ,including the inside of bell  flare, small tubes, and other accessible areas that

fit the design, etc.... $750

Full coverage to the mouthpiece - excluding the inside of  bell flare  $500

Full coverage of bell flare  $250+  inside add$100

Inside bell flare - $200+

Finger keys on valves- $50 + per valve

Valve keys and bottom caps $75+ per valve

Engraving can only be done on areas that are accessible.

You can also specify an dollar amount you do not wish to exceed.

All introductory prices are for payment made by U.S.Postal money order.

Other forms of payment need to be pre arranged

Whom ever wants to get in on this introductory pricing, should not delay.

As i will be offering this only until I get some backlog.

At your service,

michael ,



Well, pricing is a very subjective point.

Mostly,I don't charge for design workup,as long as i have artistic license.

Or,if you supply the design.

I keep the rights to my own designs. Unless other arrangements are made between us.

I don’t charge for lunch hour ,or any other breaks from the job at hand, if i have to answer the phone,I turn off the clock. If I have to sharpen the graver,thats part of the job.

Once I begin working on the actual horn/instrument,which includes the actual laying out of the design, and the cutting,i start the clock.

As for amount of coverage per hour,is also very hard to quote,without knowing the amount of detail, how many lines per inch will be as varied as the design calls for.

Every job gets MORE than is charged for , because thats how I do things, how much more?,as much as is needed to make me feel good about the job,and you to feel you got true value for your investment.

Hope that answers your questions/concerns.