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Eurasiers - we love them!
Quiet, intelligent, natural dogs.
When we read about this new and rare German breed of dog, Eurasiers, we were intrigued, but the nearest breeder we could find was in Calgary. The Eurasier breeding community being fairly small, when we contacted Wayne, he immediately told us about a local breeder expecting a litter soon. Perhaps two weeks after finding out about their existence, we were able to meet two Eurasiers. Shortly, we had committed to a puppy from Birch Grove Farm, reserving one of the puppies that would soon arrive. We have never looked back.
Recent News
We are Bill and Teri Swears. Since 2004, we have made our home in Chugiak, located on a thirteen hundred foot ridgeline about twenty-six miles northeast of Anchorage. We decided to get a dog after retiring from the U.S. Coast Guard. We wanted a dog that would be comfortable in the cold and wind of Alaska, protective of the family, intelligent, very trainable, and, though able to keep up on hikes, would be equally fine with a lazy day at home. After looking at very large dogs, we also became concerned that the dog we picked would be of a size that would not intimidate our young children.
Danika so enchanted us that we decided to breed these lovely dogs ourselves. We joined the Eurasier community, becoming members of the U.S. Eurasier Club (USEC), the Eurasier Club Canada (ECC), and the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). There is probably no community of breeders more in love with their dogs. Eurasiers are rare in the U.S. and Canada, there are probably less than 1000. We believe that this breed is ideal to family life and to the northern climate in which we live. Our aim is to breed beautiful dogs of exceptional temperament, intelligence, and health.