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Malcolm Ray Photography

North America Gallery 1

Europe Gallery 2

South America Gallery 3

Newest Works Gallery 4

Oil Painted Gallery 5

Black & White Gallery 6

E-R & Special Effects 7

Alaska Exclusive Gallery 8

Americas Parks Gallery 9

Wildlife Gallery 10

Strictly Travel Gallery 11

I have been practicing photography--exhibiting since 1977 and and conducting 1-man shows since 1981 in a number of U S states.
My works have been collected in the USA, South America and Europe.

For a time in 1989 and 1990 I was a photographer and photography instructor at Eastman Kodak World Headquarters in Rochester NY
Eastman provided me with labs, materials and staged exhibits of my work, for which I am grateful of that help and of reaping benefit
from those experiences with the medium. Eastman also allowed me to conduct semesters of instruction on oil painted photography, something
that had probably never been done before that time.

My photography consists of images primarily originating as black and white, due to the well-documented archival quality of B&W
Often, my B&W prints are then oil painted and varnished. Oil painting provides permanent color rendition, allows more creativity of expression.
There are a few prints exhibited in this site that originated as color film, but not many.

My cameras are:
Nikon Digital for both color and black and white images;
Pentax 6cm x 7cm for both color and B&W but primarily B&W;
Fuji 617 6cm x 17cm Panoramic for both color and B&W but primarily B&W

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