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Kit #003, Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker


Holding the wingtips together while the glue dries; the clothespin flattens it a bit too, which isn't a bad thing, and the purple rubber band keeps it from sliding off. There are several clothes pins on the workbench cut to useful clamping shapes:

Another test-fitting session, with lots of double-sided tape, to check out the overall appearance (for my own peace of mind) and take a couple of pictures:

The wire main gear struts were still a bit long, but I won't be using the bowleg version (or the oval windows) on NC168N, anyway...

Windows were cut from a broken CD jewelbox, "fine-tuned" with an emery board and installed with liquid cement. Since these are slightly thicker than the kit plastic, I've painted the exposed inner edges black before brushing in the interior color. This creates an illusion of much thinner windows:

Got a little carried away here and made bezels from bronze guitar string wrap; an interesting experiment and not as hard as it looks, but darned near invisible after assembly (but those windows ARE awfully clear...): Pactra flat Panzer Grey, Testors gloss black, Plasti-Kote aluminum (good paint, available in large jars in some hardware stores) and a silver art pencil finish this job.


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