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Kit #003, Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker


Fuselage glued up (we've had some practice assembling it by now...), the windshield has been trimmed to fit and 2 bracing wires of stretched sprue are crossed behind the windshield. They're a bit thick but dark grey paint will tone them down. Most of the super glue holding the resin nose section on went in through the front end with a stretched sprue applicator, while held in place with a rubber band from nose to tail:

These are the unfaired oleo struts I'll use for NC168N, cut from "doorbell wire" with sections of insulation left on ( there are straight ones in the kit, but they're faired):

Just a thin bead of 5-minute epoxy holds the windshield on; a second application and a quick wipe with a rag finishes off the joint (it's not glued on yet here, those bracing wires still need paint. I also black-painted the inner front edges of those clear side panels):


Windshield and all openings covered while filling and sanding:

The masking tape strips will guide cutting of the liquid mask compound later. The center of the wing spar is Testors Flat Rubber (don't know why they call it that; it's a dark flat brown and I'll be using Panzer grey again for the tires...):


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