P.O. Box 875638, Wasilla, Alaska 99687, USA

Kit #003, Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker


The fuselage with windows masked, window frames painted Panzer Grey & wing spar installed:

The assembled flying surfaces. "Invisible thread" monofiliment is coiled inside the wings, knotted on inside ends to be drawn out after painting & attached to aileron control horns. I'll just use stretched sprue for rudder & elevator cables. 2 extra control horn parts can be seen here; they are just small, tapered V's cut from an aluminum soda can, super-glued into narrow slots cut into the control surfaces.

The short cantilever strut sections are pinned & glued in place, after careful attention to the angle & curve of the inside ends:

Fuel tank support strips were glued to the wing undersides before attaching the wings:

Short bits of stretched sprue, cut at a shallow angle, represent the aileron cable exit fairings:

More to come as the build progresses...slowly... between other work. My thanks again to Justin Walbrugh for getting one finished and allowing me the use of his photos on the Khee-Kha webpage, turning me loose on future kit and float projects. THANK YOU, JUSTIN !!!


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