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Kit #001, Fairchild model 71


I've read several fancy ways to avoid the other great bugaboo of vac kits, sanding off too much at thin spots when dressing down the mating surfaces, but I just keep checking progress and shifting my grip around on the part so I'm not always bearing down on the same place.
(Another thing: if you want detectable progress, use 100 grit or 120, but nothing finer.)

A little here...

...and a little there...

...and a lot more on those trailing edges. I avoid excessive wear and tear on the thin leading edge of the wing by keeping the smooth center of a coarse rasp on it while working the trailing edge in short strokes:

Working along the edge of the sandpaper (stuck to my countertop scrap here with double-stick tape), I avoid sanding on the leading edge until the trailing edge is nearly done. All the flat parts are sanded with duct tape "handles" like this. They're messy but strong and I pull off the clinging adhesive with masking tape when the sanding is finished. Again, keep shifting your pressure points around and checking progress:

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